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Founded in 2002 on Long Island, NY, Celisphere Interactive has worked on a number of small, unreleased independent titles, the most recent of which was Astraea™, which was submitted to the 2007 Independent Games Festival, and produced as a noncommercial artistic project. Astraea™ is a PC/Xbox 360 title, developed on a proprietary engine using Microsoft’s XNA platform. Since then, the company has been working on internal R&D projects using both proprietary engines and the Unity 3D engine.

What We Do

Celisphere Interactive was founded on the principle that all games, both simple and complex, can provide a rich and rewarding interactive experience.

We strive to make games that live up to that ideal - to transport players into our worlds and connect them through interwoven story lines and themes.

Currently, we're focusing on smaller console titles, but we've experimented with projects on a variety of platforms in the past, including mobile and web development.

We hope to continue to bring our ideas to the world, and can't wait to release the games we've most recently been working on!

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